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the furry accusers are idiots, ignore them

now for the review. the animation was fluent and flowing. the drawing style wasn't too detailed, you did a good job of balancing out realism with a cartoon style, and it works well for this particular flash. the story itself is compelling, a tad cliche, but that's hard to avoid. the music wasn't necessarily a stand out piece, but it really added to the movie. overall 10/10

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this is simultaneously

disturbing, hilarious, and random, .....and i love it XD

you have drawing and animating down

now work on sound. i know thats one of the hardest parts though >.<

pancakery responds:

I haven't tried sound yet, that's the next step ^.^ I have voice actors, but I'm not going to pester them to do lines for a practice animation. The actual complete project is going to be better, with music, sfx and voice.

It's good to know someone can relate! Thankyou!

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I'm worth five dollars

I can buy a pack of gum now :P

a little simple

but still pretty fun

cant wait

this is gonna be awesome when it's finished XD

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I warned you about stairs bro!

not good with dnb? blasphemy. this creates a good atmosphere and a constant flowing rythm without sounding too monotonous or riff driven. overall a great piece of music.

SolusLunes responds:

I suppose I should amend that to:

"I am not good with mainstream DnB"

learning purposes?

this seems like the only thing it's good for is that the guitar part is nice and clear. good for learning the song, other things, not so much. aside from the plain barren audio, good job. >_< also, alternate tab for those of you who can't go high up the neck fast enough (like me :p)


this song makes me think of the ocean

just calmly floating through the ocean

ChaotixMachine responds:

Ahh, I can see it fitting an ocean sort of theme now that I think about it. Although for me, I can see someone soaring through the clouds and then diving into the depths of the ocean, bubbles and all and then swimming like a fish through the depths of the seas.

Thanks for the relaxing thought, and for your comment. ;)

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The subtle lines and dark colors belay the feelings of a person lost in depression, with the lighter shades of grey representing that there is light even in the darkest places. The complexity in the simplicity of this piece of art is astounding and only those with simple minds cannot see the beauty of it.

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Prome responds:

thank you, kind sir

pretty cool

I like it. just add an awesome background and you have an awesome cover to something.

SqueezyLemon responds:

That would be cool.
Too bad I suck at backrounds.

I'm a pretty cool guy, I make music and don't afraid of anything.

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